MiA 2014, Brussels :

Hi there, how have you been doing?
Februari is a cold month so make sure you don’t get sick!!!
VitaminC, tea, warm clothes and plenty of soup are the solution!!
My mother has packed my bag with enough medicine to survive this season!!

“Huh? Isn’t VitaminD for your bones??” I also questioned the meaning of the “D” in my weaponary against Dr.Frost but it seems it doesn’t really matter to my mother what it is or what it is for as long as I get my ABC’s in properly everyday… Thanks mum!

Anyways, this is your Banana Prince Anba and today I’ve yet again set my flag on the grounds of a different website ! Technically I already have a “blog” but I feel that my tumblr has become a little too chaotic to call it by that name. So here we are again, I’ll be trying out this place and hope I won’t end up abandoning it!
I’ll see if I can update here regularly, my goal will be…Uhm… Weekly or something… !!! (let’s cross our fingers)
It’ll be mostly about life, covers and events.

“But Anba… We already see you around enough on twitter, facebook and … Uh, everywhere….”

Well, I believe some information might be more accessible and less likely to be flooded away on a platform like this!!
Information like…? For example the reason for today’s post!!

This year Anba will be creeping around attending an event in Belgium called MiA !!!
MiA most commonly read as “missing in action” but in this case as “Made in Asia,” is an anime/manga event held annually in Brussels ! This year I’ve decided to go take a visit. It’ll be held from the 14th till the 16th of March (so soon, soon, very soon!) . I’ve never been much of manga/anime event kind of person and when I went I’d go without really announcing anything because it’s not that big of a deal if I’m there or not but this year I thought I’d collect some courage and see if any of you would like to say hi !! It’s a little pretentious but hey, who knows someone could be interested ?!! At least I did get a message that said something similar like that so who knows !!?

I’ve not yet worked out how to handle this but I’ll most probably be hovering around the booth of “Eternal-S” who is an amazing french artist and who you should definitely save some money for !! She’s featured in the line-up here so don’t just throw all your money at figurines that are probably way too expensive, save it for super-cool-exclusive original Ten-chan-art instead ;’) !!! More information regarding where I’ll be hanging and how you can find me to come say hi for a bit shall probably be posted here in the future.

That’s it for now,
I’d be more than honoured if anyone would come to say hi!!
I’m not much of anything really but meeting other Vocaloid-fans/YT’ers would be really nice !!
If not I’ll be posting pictures of my time at the event for those interested!!

So perhaps I’ll see you in about a week or two then?

Yours sincerely,
your Banana Prince, Anba.

4 thoughts on “MiA 2014, Brussels :

  1. I don’t find what you’re saying above pretentious at all, it’s always great to get the chance to meet new people sharing same interests /o/
    Hope you’ll have a lot of fun at MIA ~ !

    • Thank you very much Atsukié!! I’m always a little apprehensive about my wording since it’s all but text on screen and misunderstandings might ensue. It’s important to keep your eyes, ears and heart open for new adventures !! Let’s set sail towards the treasure of a lifetime!

  2. kyeh ;A; if only I lived anywhere near there I’d definitely go say hi ewe I’ll just say hi from here I guess xP Hii~
    But anyway I hope you have a very fortuitous and awesome time at MiA and that you get a lot of visitors going around c: ! (..but maybe not so many that you feel overwhelmed ; – ;’ )
    And don’t get sick on March either ^n,n^;; ~!

    • Thank you for your comment! With your blessing I’m certain MiA will be a blast !! I probably won’t get that many visitors at all as there aren’t that many Belgians in our community and I don’t expect anyone to go out of their way either (please don’t, I’m just another banana in the bowl). For the few people that do come I’ll prepare a nice surprise though !!
      Cons are great chances for us to gather with activities of mutual interest around us!
      I’ll do my best not to get sick, chug in the vitamins, you too stay healthy and happy !!!

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