MiA 2014, live event and Croɴest:

Hello, yellow !!!

How are you wonderful bunch of bananas doing?
You’re doing well? GOOD JOB !!! *studio applause*
Took some damage lately?: “No biggie, I’m proud of you!!”.
We all sometimes fall during battle or uh… Trip over our own armour _(┐「ε:)_WOops.
Please rest up and regain your strength, there are many more battles to come and I need you there in my party!
+ it’s almost summer and Banana-splits are way tastier to eat with others than on your own!!

On a more pacifistic note, Belgium’s getting sunnier and sunnier WOOP!
Young Bananas can now play outside longer and THAT’S TOTALLY AWESOME !!!
The risk of getting abducted by the shadow-lord has dropped by about 20%,
let’s climb the food-chain and slay some earphone-gnawing goblins for EXP.
Grinding season has officially opened!!! BATTLECRY


Onto the topics of today!
A small summary *drumroll please* :

  • MiA 2014
  • Anba live?
  • New Croɴest project under construction, planned for the end of may.
MiA 2014:

Like I told you in my previous post I’ll be going to this event held in Brussels called MiA !!
I’ll be going there saturday the 15th of March.
It’ll be held from 10 am till 8 pm and tickets can still be bought online, at the door or in the Fnac. I’m not sure how long I’ll be swaggering about for exactly but if it’s any fun probably the entire day ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶!!
Please watch out for a 150 cm tall banana in case you’re going as well !!
I’ll probably be tweeting about where I’m at and how you can recognize me later so if anyone’s up for it come say hi! If not I’ll just keep swaggering on though I’ll be sure to stay close to (「๑ÒωÓ๑)「Ten-chan’s booth
where I’ll be trying to not look creepy as I admire Ten-chan’s amazing art-works!!

“Bon appétit, oui oui, c’est ça, en fait !!”

I’ll also be preparing a small gift for those that come to say hi to me since “Wow, you actually came THANK YOU!!”.
I’m nothing much but at least you’ll get something out of it like this !!! COOL

Anba live?:

I think I posted about this earlier this year but I got invited to sing live at a fairly new, small-scale cosplay event in the Netherlands. It has been confirmed that I’ll be going there to perform in the 3D flesh !!! Oh man, let’s pray for no nervous breakdowns!! I’ll be posting more information about this in the future so definitely look out for that if you’re interested!
The event will be held near the end of May !!
If you have any songs you’d love to hear from me you can vote here and maybe throw in an own suggestion!
Anime&Vocaloid, anything !!

2 other cool Dutch bands will come to perform as well so after suffering through the glorious torture that is my live singing we can bathe our ears in the healing sounds of some bands with actual proper musical background and experience!!
Here also I’ll be giving a very small thing to remember me by in return for gracing me with your presence!

New Croɴest-project for 2014 planned for the end of may:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited about this one for all the right reasons!!
Eyes and ears open please, I hereby advice you to either glue your socks to your feet or hold onto them tightly when the time is right cause when this project comes out I bet we’ll blow you right out of them !!!
The visual department of Croɴest has improved tremendously since last time, I can personally vouch for that!! (gave me goosebumps) I’m still not sure why they still agree to work with me but whatever magic allows this to happen, let’s hope it won’t have something like a 12 o’clock any time soon. Anba’s meant to be a Banana Prince, not a pumpkin!
So did my grinding spawn any lasting results? MAYBE !!
Anba has slightly leveled their organising and summoning skills !!!
✧\\ ٩( ‘ω’ )و //✧YEAh and will be working hard on the rest!!
Hope you’re as excited as I am about this!!

2014 started out slowly but is getting on a full swing I can feel it.
Winter has ended, time to come out of your peel!!!
Everyone, buckle up and dance to the beat of…

See you  bunch again next week !!

One thought on “MiA 2014, live event and Croɴest:

  1. aww i wish i still lived in europe QwQ i would’ve loved to meet you…of course, knowing me, i’d be too shy and nervous to do anything other than stare >w<

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