Confirmation live performance at Almere Cosplay: 25th of May

Hello, Yellow!!
How are you doing?

I promised I’d keep the updates to once a week as to not clutter too much but let’s consider this update as “part 2” of last week’s post as it talks about the event I’ll be performing live at the 25th of May this year! What? Yes, indeed. I’ll be performing live at Almere Cosplay, an event in the Netherlands !! Let’s hope I won’t f*ck up too much, right?

I’ll officially be participating as a “singer” though often I’m not sure if I can even call myself that haha. I think some vague term like “Entertainer” probably fits better !!! So as an unofficial-entertainer-person I’ll be going over there, I’ll be shoved on a stage with a mic in front of you and hope I’ll manage to keep you people amused !!

Man,…  thinking about it already makes me nervous but I’ll surely give it my best!!

I made 3 goals for myself to keep in mind!! :

  • Have fun
  • Meet new people, learn new things
  • Don’t disappoint too many people

This will be my very first cosplay-event ever, another exciting thing.
I’ll also be preparing a small gift for the few people that come meet me and actually recognize me from here haha!!

So I hope to see you there then !!
Always thank you for your support!! <33

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