Sharing sunshine:

Sunshine from AnbaLen on Vimeo.

Song: Sora mo toberu hazu(we should even be able to soar in the sky!)
Anime: Tsuritama
Couldn’t upload it on YT because of the audio so let’s try here.

It’s becoming sunnier and sunnier lately!!
Let’s get rid of the winter blues and run straight towards the new and sunny adventures up ahead!!! It’s a bit of a nonsense compilation with straight-out terrible editing.
But I thought I’d like to share some of the sunshine in case the sun hasn’t come out in your place yet! Or… In case you’re clustered to your computer and wonder what the outside looks like these days ;’)!!


Hope it’ll make you a little happy haha.

One thought on “Sharing sunshine:

  1. we finally got some sun today too 😀 although we’re supposedly supposed to get yet another snowstorm tomorrow D: (hopefully we won’t). i liked this video, it’s simple yet did make me happy >w<

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