MiA 2104: Thank you so much for a lot of fun !!!

Hello, yellow!!
How are you bunch hanging there? The weather is so nice lately, sunny with a light breeze! GOOD
Let’s keep at it weather-man, GO PREDICT THAT NICE WEATHER LIKE A MAN!!!
The evenings are a bit cooler though. You should work on that!

It’s currently evening here and I came back from MiA a few hours ago!!!
T’was a blast. I managed to meet a lot of awesome people like Ten-chan&Tenchan’s mother, Ten-chan’s talented artist-friends Raynart, Quiche (Senri), Loraine (Lorette), Anice (sp?), the Almere-cosplay team that came to check up what weirdo they decided to ship into their event this time, friends from school YAY, people that came to see me to say hi (I hope you liked my cards!! Lulu did the art for them they’re so nice!!!), etc…

I originally planned to go only on saturday since that’s the time my friends could go, but thanks to Tenchan being way too much fun to hang with I came again the sunday and helped at her booth!! I initially leaned towards using English to help people out but most francophones would look at me with squinted eyes and they’d refuse to talk English so after awhile I gave up and just tried to français as best as I could. It suddenly felt like I was back in highschool doing my speaking and listening tests!!
The Dutch-speaking minority however did speak to me in English which was almost as hilarious as my terrible french!!

Did I ever say that people are super-cute when they fanspazz!!? Because they totally are!!

I wasn’t able to stay completely professional coughs, in between I discussed Kuroko no Basket VS Prince of tennis, talked about the pronunciation of Rivaille‘s name, explained the plot of the Vampire Knight manga and compared the Kuroshitsuji original manga with the ending of the Anime that was weird and also told someone to not give into peer-pressure if he wants to dislike madoka-magica!!! Like what you like and dislike what you don’t, just don’t be a prick about either!

When people start talking to me I feel happy to talk back and if we both are interested in the topic it’ll just start to rain words!

Talking about raining words, if my usual talking pace is a drizzle Tenchan’s mum’s a typhoon!!
She’s funny, really easy to get along with and very cute!! Just like Tenchan but in a different way!!
Like that time we had to hurry to get out of the con the saturday evening and she suddenly wanted to go to the toilet even though we were late. So she ran back… Straight into the men’s toilet….??
Me and Ten shared a semi-concerned look and when we looked back we saw her suddenly run out of the male toilets with the exact same pace she ran into them, straight to the other side of the corridor where the female toilets were!!! Her sounds of embarrassment were adorable!!! Thanks to Ten’s mum I got to know about her entire family hahaha.
Ten’s grandmother has some kind of “over-lord” status in my head now !! Apparently she’s really fit and smart even though she’s over 70 !! Tenchan’s future?!

Anyways, too many things happened so I’ll need some more time to sort out the rest of my thoughts!!
This was really just a boom of stuff I really wanted to share with you!!
I’ll be sure to post a video compilation of all the other things that happened at MiA soon,
I have gathered quite some nice footage!!
But first, PICTURES!!!

I made so many, it was difficult to make a selection but here we go!!



Titan Vs Anba, place your bets now!!!

IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301

It’s the Pacman-gang!! We first saw the 2 ghosts when suddenly a 4th one came throtting after his friends and behind him ran an out of breath Pacman. It was super-cute!! Last picture? Strike a pose!!!
Thank you very much!

IMG_0302 IMG_0304

Aha, You were there too Miku!!
A bit late with the snow-theme though, no?


Famous french Youtuber Joueur du Grenier was signing !!!

Rivaille and his straight-best friend enjoying a day off in Belgium.

Rivaille and his cat coming to clean Brussels cause it’s one of the dirties cities in Belgium lmao.

The mask I bought being terrifying up close

The mask I bought is terrifying up close

Oliver Cosplay!

The only Oliver cosplay in the entire con (I think?) GOT YOU!!!

My bodyguards!

Meet the Banana Prince’s personal body-gua… Army !!
They actually pretended to be my bodyguards for a little while, that was funny!!

The only board that didn't have "free hugs" on it!

The only board at the entire convention that didn’t have “free hugs” on it!
I swear EVERY board we walked past had “free hugs” on it.
Clearly some people lack affection…
This one… I don’t know what she lacks but when she asked if I was interested I politely refused!


Tenchan, to take pictures of my face you’ll have to pay!!!


My friends!!!

See you soon with video footage!!

Have a picture of a IkeKyojin, me, Tenchan my super high spec date of the weekend and Shingeki Kpop!!


I uh … Thought that’d be useful uh… Educational to us all yes. Indeed. Everything for science and stuff…??DokiDoki lmao

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