Collaboration with Shindehai and Pyrovulkain: First original song Nano-style !!

Hello, yellow everyone!!
How are you bunch doing? March and April’s weather makes no sense, does it?
Make sure to take an umbrella with you, you never know!! If not you can use the umbrella as an emergency parachute!! THUMBS UP
Anyways, just got a message from wordpress that it’s time for my weekly update.
So…The update of this week is THIS!!


I did a collaboration with the super-popular french composer Shindehai and awesome french-fry guitarist/vocalist/artist/WHATEVERIDEK Pyrovulkain !!!
I took care of the vocals, I did my best to throw in rock energy!!
The lyrics are mainly by Shindehai haha, I just did harmony-like arrangements, the random sounds in the background and ending rap which I thought would make it even more Nano-style for a proper hommage to Nano!!! I hope for the Nano-fans especially but no actually everyone that they’ll like this kind of stuff from me!
I’m not even NEAR as cool as Nano but I still hope you’ll enjoy it!!
There’s even an instrumental in case you’d like to cover this as well, have fun!!
And yes the tiny giant in the picture is your banana ruler and pseudo-singer/entertainer ANBA!! YAY
I’m super nervous if you’ll like my face even a little haha, or wel euh… Half of it! ;’)

Theme of the video? PURPLE!!
Because uhm… Vuvu’s guitar is purple!! /LOGIC/


Love Nano <3!!


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