Pon pon copyright:

Hello, yellow!! How are you doing??
I just got a message from wordpress again telling me it’s time to update,
so here I am again, hi hiii !!

I hope your week has been going fine wherever you are right now!!

Just a little bit more and it’ll be easter break for me so that’s super-exciting news!! I’m looking forward to that!!

Expect lots of singing and new content on my channel for the near future!!!
I’ve been saying this for quite awhile but yeah, I have a lot of content I’m busy with and they might be at risk to all get done around the same time which means you’ll soon get an upload purge from yours truly. Hope that’s not too much of a problem for you ;’)!!
I also hope you enjoyed the thing I did with Shindehai !! I had a lot of fun with that, it’s my first time singing an original rock song tailored to my size teehee!! Also my first time doing a video like that so lots of first times there!!!
What do you think? Should we do something similar again in the future??

Now onto the topic of today, I’m looking at you Pon pon title!!
Yesterday WMG claimed my cover “Pon Pon Pon”  for copyright infringement.
I did try to fight the claim but eventually realized it was of no use. There was just no WEI for me to get around this (Snorts).

Let me start of to tell you that technically everything we upload that is a cover of anything even if we sang and performed the entire thing ourselves with just our toes and a band of rubber is considered liable for copyright claim as long as you don’t have a license and it somewhat sounds like the original. Somewhat is vague? Well get this story, apparently a video of some drunk guy in the back of a police car singing the Bohemian Rahpsody got claimed for copyright. That company was less of  a douche however and decided to just play some advertisements on top of that video instead. So basically we don’t really have a foot to stand on and youtube warned me that if I fight the claim again I might risk getting my channel removed if I lose the fight. Despite the fact that the instrumentals used weren’t from the original (they were made by GigaP) it is still considered infringing copyright. Despite the fact that I properly referenced the original and do not claim the content as my own nor want any money out of this, I’m just expressing my love for the song it’s still infringement. As I am by no means a lawyer and have no profound knowledge regarding licensing and copyright infringement I have decided to give up on that one and as of now my cover might not be vieweable in a number of countries.
I’m really sorry for that, there’s not much I can do about this. It’s still up here on Nico Douga and there’s a download link to the audio here. So for those who really liked it and can’t view it anymore on Youtube definitely check it out over there!

Receiving a proper license would cost me a few thousands a year apparently and that’s not really what I’m prepared to give out.
I understand Youtube’s reasoning in a way but I also think their system is infinitely faulty and needs revision. Youtube in itself is also pretty conrtadictory I find, success stories like JB and Greyson Chance actually encourage us covering songs whilst at the same time it’s against the terms and agreements of YT.

Very confusing. I’m not very educated so I can’t give a proper fleshed out opinion about this. Apparently there’s this mystery list of songs that we are allowed to cover but no one has ever seen that one so all we can do is guess and hope we guess right?
I find youtube should maybe look at the problem first and properly discuss and analyse before striking people. Just striking is a little rude but as Youtube is currently the sole ruler of video platforms it sort of dicks around and doesn’t care about what bananas think.
Perhaps my annoyance is completely baseless, so if anyone knows more about this don’t ever hesitate to educate me about this!

What I do want to give out is a warning to all of you who have covered or plan to cover popular music.
I strongly advice you to read up upon this entire copyright enfringement thing and/or do all you can to circle around it. I’m not encouraging you to do anything that goes against YT’s policy or God forbids do anything illegal but IF you choose to do so I do encourage you to take the necessary precautions and understand you’re at risk.
It’d be a huge shame if your channel got deleted for something as silly and innocent fun as Pon pon pon.

That being said, hopefully next week will have a more bright topic to go by!!!
Sunshine after the rain and stuff, it’s spring. Random rain happens!!!
I’d also like to say that my collaboration with Shindehai is now officially on Nico douga here, so if you liked that definitely share, comment and mylist !!! As always I wouldn’t be anywhere without a proper audience so even if it sounds a little annoying, pushy and obnoxious I hope it’s okay for me to keep on asking for your full support and response!!

Thank you always!!!


Read more about Copyright on YT here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2818443?hl=en

One thought on “Pon pon copyright:

  1. i’ve had some issues with copyright, too and it stinks :/ i’ve never claimed to own anything that wasn’t mine and always gave credit, but youtube doesn’t care. they even gave copyright notices to artists for copyright infringement on themselves >.> in my opinion, covers and anything else fanmade is free advertisement and shows a huge amount of love and appreciation for the original work (as long as proper credit is given, of course).

    on a brighter note, i look forward to seeing your future works OwO

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