What’s new for Croɴest and things to look forward to!!

Ladies, gentlemen, genders all around and in between, all bananas and other fruit !!!
I, your ever loyal ruler and self acclaimed conquerer of your hearts, have a very exciting anouncement to make!! As of recently….


It’s a real one!! All official and stuffs, with the “.com” domain name!!!

Here, here: http://cronest.com/

For now there’s obviously not a lot on there yet but DO NOT HEED for soon there shall be stuff to blabber about! What can you expect? Well I personally envisage it as a way for you to keep updated with new works and I’m hoping to collect the thoughts and commentary of the 2 Gods of visuals that have consented to joining me on this fearful journey to the promised lands and beyond *twirls gracefully*.
Nothing is set in stone yet so we’ll see how it goes, for now I wanted to anounce this milestone!!

I bet a lot of you are thinking “So what’s the big deal( ・´ー・`)?” well it’s a huge deal for me!!
It means we have a HQ, a home!! A cool and snazzy place to link back to and to update people on officially!! Thanks to saint impulsively buying the domain name after cronest talked about maybe making one! In any case, it’s just completely awesome and this royal me is feeling completely moved emotionally, what a feat!!! The honour is great, your lord is pleased!!!

Making a website obviously also means things are starting to get rowdy again,
Expect something great by the end of May – the beginning of June!!!!
A nice way to start off your summer vacation, right?!

I’m aware the exams-depression is still looming over us for now I know I hate to be reminded of it as well but let us not falter!! Soon all of us students will be released again to bring havoc upon the world. Ahhh youth, so refreshing!!
For those who already have a job…
Well, you’re having it hard, huh? *picks nose apathetically*

I’ve also been meaning to ask your opinion about somethings!!
I’ve gotten the question before that “if I brought out a CD what would I name it?” well before I can think of names I need to bring out something, right? It’s kind of arrogant and obnoxious to assume people would even be slightly interested (though tbh I already thought of some names) so now I was wondering how much interest there is actually? If you have some time please do the poll, your opinion would definitely help me out for my final decision to try this out !!! Everything starts out small but if believed in properly can be nurtured to TITAN size!! And I believe in this so I hope you can believe in me !!!

Thank you for your attention and see you again soon !!!

Yours sincerely, Anba,
The Banana Prince.

PS: Noragami, Haikyuu, Babysteps are my personal favourite manga’s right now!!
What have you been into lately?

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