Ready to embarrass myself this weekend in a live setting /fistpumps/ YEAH!!

Man, time sure flies!! It’s already time for “That”.
“That” being the Almere cosplay event I’ve been going on about since forever!!!
I’m honestly a little… No, very, very nervous about it!!
I hope the people there will be nice!! Up till now they’ve been super-nice and patient with me! Let’s not jinx it !!!
Look at the program though, it says ANBA there!! …
The thing that probably scares me the most is forgetting parts of the lyrics (oh no, oh no, the shame).
I’m that type of person even when I’m not nervous though UH OH!!
Not to mention there are these super kakkoii senpai-band-people there too!! Let’s hope I won’t embarrass everyone of YT I’m representing there!! ><
I’ve decided to do it like I do my live-streams though a little chaotic but overall fun (hopefully)!!
I think that’s most comfortable for me ;’)!!!
I’ve prepared a VERY professional /coughs/ little powerpoint for the live that’ll intoduce people to Vocaloid and the entire Utaite concept as I’m pretty sure not everyone has an idea what that is!!
For the time that rests I shall try to entertain people with spazzing my vocal chords !! (YAY)

30 minutes is such a huge thing to fill in for me now I think about it.
I mean 30 minutes is literally nothing but it’s super-long when you have to avoid getting hit by rotten tomatoes!!

I hope some people from Youtube will come to, it’d at least help me calm me down UHuhuh!!

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