Progress of projects!!:

Hello, yellow!! In case you were wondering if I was still alive,
I sure as hell am!! Alive and kicking, ready for some solo-projects after the 6 months of Chorus battle and other group projects!
Are you ready though?! All buckled up? Strapped down?
I’ve been looking forward to summer for this and this and those, I’m so excited!! Can you feel it?!

I’ll call these projects by letters for convience sake because everyone knows it’s way cooler to have them come out as surprises than knowing beforehand!! It gives more of a BOOM for me to see everyone’s reactions at the same time hehe!! So forgive me for being all secretive, I hope you’ll indulge me and try not to peek too much. It’s for your own sake as the experience will be way more enjoyable that way!! But here is to keep you on your toes!! :

  •  Project A: Vocals are done. The art has finished as well, the mix needs to get into it’s final stage +there’s animation.
  • I’ve probably worked the longest on setting up this one!! It’s one of my dreams come into reality with the help of a few amazing people!! I can at least tell you it’ll be brought to you in collaboration with cronest so do expect beautiful visuals yes! Also fun extra’s later on!!!
  • Project B: Mix is done, art and video needs to get finished!
    Because the artist decided to follow her dreams to a certain European country it has found some delay but we’re back on track and ready to rock!! Raging guitars and wangsty feels, I did the vocals for this one when I was in a rut so perhaps it might be nice to listen to when you feel down?
  • Project C: Lyrics done, vocals still need to get into place + mix!!
    Oh?Oh?Oh?? Something non-vocaloid coming your way!!
  • Project D: Mix just finished, art and animation needs to get done.
    ANOTHER BABY OF MINE. Been itching to do this song and finally DID IT!!
    Just received the final mix and God it’s gorgeous!!
  • Project E: Still need to have a proper meeting and thinking of the concept!!
    This one will be another one of my non Vocaloid babies!! It’ll be quite the awesome feed and especially interesting to the citizens of the Banana Kingdom!! Man, my leg gets all restless thinking of the possibilities!!
  • Side project F: A not singing related project involving cool-people for on my channel, I’m sure you’ll find this interesting!!!
  • Project G: Requested by a cronest member!! A project for later but already thinking of ways to do this!!

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