Going to Paris: Japan Expo 2014

Hello, yellow!! How are you doing?
I was doing fine until I ran out yesterday without a jacket and got drenched. Seeing the omnious clouds gathering I for some reason figured an umbrella would do the job but I didn’t count on the strong wind, biting cold and Miro shaking off the rain in my face!! So uh… Now I have a cold (GJ).

But no worries!! I’ll be sure to take care of myself. Bananas contain plenty of vitamins after all!! I’d better feel good by the time I’ll be going to Paris!!

“Why the holy cheesecrackers are you going to Paris?”

You might wonder.

Well, this time I’ll be going to *the Japan Expo!!
*The Japan Expo is a pretty big scale, European Anime/Manga/Gamers/etc… event
held annually in Paris for about 4 consecutive days!! It’s pretty coolbeans yo!

I’ve finally gotten my train tickets, hotel and everything reserved so it has been a 2000% affirmed that I’ll be going!
That’s right, your favourite Banana royalty will be attending! AWESOME٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶!
For those ready to meet me, it’s best to keep your expectations low or I’ll get super-nervous!! (  : x ; )/
This year ought to be fun though since I’ll be meeting up with them baguettes!!

Frankly, I didn’t think I’d agree to a meet up so fast but then there are a few people there I’ve been itching to meet and since we live in Europe and are neighbours and all that jazz WHY NOT?? #YOLO and stuff, Am I right?? (Please don’t hit me I’m kidding!)
I’m really excited!! Ten-chan will also be having a booth so keep your eyes on twitter and places once I get more information where she’ll be standing!! I’ll be sure to keep you updated about these kind of things ;’)! She’s coming in cosplay.
Yes. This is important information.

I’ll be attending the Japan Expo on the 5th and 6th = saturday and sunday respectively?!
I’ll also be singing 1 song live there. It’s forget-me-not, with Shindehai and Vuvu!! That’s another thing to look forward to!!
This brings me, Shindehai’s apparently going to be there with his Voxmakers buddies at a booth and also selling his special Tai-reflections CD’s!! There are only a 100 copies so I’d be fast if I were you!! Coincidentally (uhuh) I’m on it as well, as is Vuvu so definitely get your 8 euros out and come get them!! There’ll be a full version of the One Punch man song on it etc… Kanipan’s on it as well and well to keep it short you’ll love it and won’t regret it I mean look at the fabulous jacket!!:

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-29 om 0.06.42

Too hot to resist, am I right? ;’)!!
LOOK #2!! There’s me!! TEEHEE
Here’s the video where he introduced his stuff and where the rest of Voxmakers lays down the plan for you!!:

I’ll also be visiting a bit of Paris in between!! I hope I can make pictures of the Eiffel tower and all the other really cliché touristy things. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Paris so I kind of forgot a lot about it lmao. If anyone has any recommendations as to where to go definitely let me know! I’m currently on a hunt for food you can only find there, I’d love to try out something really weird!!!

If you have any more questions regarding my coming to *the Japan Expo don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the comments here or something!!


Et voilà c’est tout. À bientôt, j’espère ;’) !!

– Anba, The banana prince –


*I’ve been recently made aware on twitter that some people dislike it when you add a “the” before “Japan Expo” but I think it looks more natural and gramatically correct in English so unless you have a proper reason as to why not you’ll have to live with it lmao. It’s honestly ridiculous anyone’d get mad about such a thing haha.

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