Bonjour tout le monde, I’m back from the Japan Expo!!!

Hello, yellow!! How are you doing?

Phew, that was such a busy week there , it was really bananas!!
4 days of walking and walking and metros and MORE WALKING!! I actually lost 3 kg’s when I came back from Paris, can you believe it? Country bumpkins like me in big cities doing things akin to exercise lead to this. It wasn’t even the slow walking, IT WAS SPEEDWALKING THROUGH PARIS LIKE WE’RE ON RAILS (slight exaggerations) not to mention the bazillion stairs to climb to get to the 2nd floor of the eiffel tower, I think I heard somewhere people climb these things for a marathon and I’m honestly not sure if my knees could ever agree with that!!

Talking about eiffel towers, obligatory Banana pointed at the eiffel tower picture because this is relevant don’t even start with me!

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-11 om 20.49.01

I had a lot of fun at the Expo,so many amazing cosplays and booths and things to do!!
I’ve never been to such a large scale event before and I often got lost!!
I did find really good Haikyuu cosplay though SO GLAD!!! If anyone has any idea who they are definitely contact me so I can contact them about this picture and to thank them for bothering them with this when they were busy haha!!

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-11 om 20.50.12

The most memorable memory for me was the Jamming session outside with all the french youtaite people and some random people that just came to sit with us and joined in. That was so cool!!!
Just chilling on the grass with Vuvu and Sumashu on the guitars and everyone singing!!
I even received art from 2 really cute and nice girls right then and there, I was so, so happy!!!
And I also received a drawing from Ten-chan and someone at the Wakanim-stand when I finished my live there!! That was a huge surprise, I expected some people would know who I was but not that many!!

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-11 om 20.50.22

Man, I got super-super nervous meeting some of you so I hope you’ll forgive me my awkward and shyness. Honestly, when I’m in my element I’m quite good at this stuff but right then and there with all the baguettes and some personal turmoil I got the heebie jeebies and nearly passed out, phew!! Glad I didn’t. Congratulations to myself applause (I’m such a loser haha).

With all the attention I felt a little bit like a celebrity for a little while albeit a very awkward and nervous one. Especially the hugging and picking up was heart-attack worthy for me!!
But I’m fine now!!

Calm, calm. Back home and calm!!!
Culture shock MAX-level!! So much bisous and hugs phewww!!!

I’m currently working on a video for the frenchies that were there to see!!
It has all of us in it and if I can be bothered I might make a slightly more censored version for here!!
Maybe, perhaps!!! So much trouble though rolls.

ANYWAYS, as an ending note for this post I’d like to say désolée pour le retard mais je voudrais dire merci beaucoup à tous les francophones qui m’ont dit bonjour à la JE!! Ce fut un plaisir de pouvoir vous parler! Tout le monde a été très gentil avec moi et j’ai beaucoup apprécié! J’espère que ce ne sera pas la dernière fois qu’on se voit!! Merci beaucoup!!

J’espère vous revoir bientôt!!!


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