That’Snot okay!!

BGM: Tsuritama soundtrack CD

Guess who has a cold right now?
If you guessed your chemistry teacher then I’m sad to disappoint you but… no,
It’s summer vacation by the way, even if he got sick you’d gain nothing out of it aside from maybe the malicious satisfaction that your enemy for life is flooding his place with snot.

I tried to keep the snot gates plugged by regularly blowing my nose but let me tell you a thing about blowing noses.
The more you do it the more it hurts and your nose starts to burn and eventually blood will even come out like holy fuck I only have a cold why must I suffer this faith?

Colds are commonly not that bad, you can sort of still live through your day albeit disastrously distracted and distracting if you think about all the dry coughs you’ll put whatever company you have around you through. THAT IS if you’re not someone that sort of relies on their voice as some kind of therapy to reduce the pain of the reality that your 2D object of affection can never and will never date you and taking over the world requires more money than you currently possess.

I’m ambitious I guess?

Anyways, if you have any cool remedies to rid of me of this then please by all means,
It’s been a week and I’ve got things to record and to work on!!
Also, waking up in the morning sounding like a chain smoker isn’t really the nicest thing to listen to after you wake up.

I hope you all take care of yourself. If you’re wondering who even gets a cold in summer?
It’s me and possibly you if you underestimate the weather!!
Take care and see you around!!!


One thought on “That’Snot okay!!

  1. sorry to hear about your cold! i’ve tried the following and they work for me:
    1. i’m not sure if you mucinex is available locally for you, but any medicine that is an expectorant and nasal decongestant should do the trick. you typically only take it for a few days
    2. on the more holistic side, pure eucalyptus oil works wonders in clearing up nasal congestant. you can either burn a few drops with an oil burner for about 10 minutes (it will also kill most cold bacteria in the room) or just put a couple drops in a tissue and inhale it.

    i hope you feel better!

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