Project B

Project B finally public, it’s… Antibeat!!

“What part of me do you like?”,
if you tell me I’ll do anything for you.
Everything, everything, just everything, well if you tell me that I’ll just…
Hate, hate, hate, hate,
I absolutely hate this me that loves you so...

Ahh, there are quite some stories I have to tell when it comes to Antibeat.

First off the vocals were recorded in May when I was feeling quite down thinking about a whole bunch of stuff.
I had a few family members and friends of the family that died close after each other, it’d be a lie to say I wasn’t affected by that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to share my dark anime main-antagonist story. There are some things even I don’t like to talk about so I’ll spare you the awkwardness haha.  Let’s say I was in a really weird mood overall and started doubting and questioning other parts of my life as well. For those that know what anti-beat is about, they can probably take a guess at what I was so troubled by.
That and the exams were also coming closer, stress max!!

So, I decided to do something about it!!

What can help more than some good old rock to blast away those insecurities and turn them into energy?
Music has this odd power to make you feel understood and not alone with your thoughts!! Lyrics and atmosphere put into sound what is living inside of you.

I felt understood and comforted, you know what to expect from a certain song when you turn it on!!
Think of all the angry teenagers in the past that listened to music as if it was some sort of comforting drug.
Singing it released a lot of tension!! Anti-beat definitely did that to me, there is one cover especially I was inspired by, can you guess which one? It translated the agression and feelings of the main character from my interpretation out perfectly!! So I tried my own go at it and tried to bring it even closer to what I thought the main character felt like!!

Now I’m all happy sappy again haha. Of course I still have moments I feel really down, some things can never be returned and as for insecurities once you have them they always are able to come back to bite you but that doesn’t mean you can just throw your life over your shoulder!! The idea should be to “keep moving forward”. The present is what it is, a present. So enjoy it even if it takes some effort to!!! => Sounding like some old grandma there so just call me Anbaachan or something…

Anyways, with that message I’ll leave you to this song!!
I hope you’ll enjoy my vocals despite their unpolishedness and that whatever I tried to cram in there reached you!!
From now on I’ll do my best more to come up with better and more polished stuff!

A great thanks to the people that helped me out with this!!
Eon, Kumi and saint!! Definitly check out their stuff whenever you can!!

See you soon for the other projects to get released!! (whisper don’t give up on me whisper)

List of planned projects here


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