Project A: took awhile but I’m so glad it’s done, it’s…


“Love me baby, baby.
Give me very, very,
Oh please be rough so that there’ll be no time to breath.
Just like this I want to be destroyed by you, knock down…”

First off I’d like a standing ovation for all the people who worked on this with me!!
Starting with the wonderful vocals of none other than Nobunaga herself, running into the rocking remix Umetora made for us, flying straight into the God crafts that Lulu put into the art and ending with a bang as we lose ourselves on the dancefloor relying on none other than the blood sweat and tears of saint to guide the way!!

That’s a rally over Belgium, Korea, Japan, England, and Canada in that order…
So, we technically took you on a world tour, you should be paying us for this ya leeching bunch of..-ANYWAYS!!!

These 4 have done an outstanding job here!!
It doesn’t even need to be said that there’d be nothing to see here if it wasn’t for them
but I said it anyways cause that’s important. Don’t forget!!

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for your time and efforts,
you’ve all done an amazing job and I’m so proud of you and what we’ve made!
I can only hope people will enjoy it as much as we hoped whilst making it!!!

If you’ve finished watching the video and read the description you might have seen something like “Omake: coming soon”.
It’s something pretty cool so definitely keep in check with that!!!


I suggested Luvoratorrrrry quite awhile back to Nobunaga. I played with the idea of making it a little bigger than just a duet and scraped my courage together to ask Umetora to mix for it. I then rode out the rest of the YOLOcoaster and went to cronest to bug my 2 partners in crime for a video and for some odd reason they all agreed to sacrifice their time and energy to my ideas!! They’re probably all kinds of crazy.

For me it was all a dream coming true. Having these people work with me is just-… Please don’t wake me up!! Even if September ends!
Every second I thought that at least one of them would bail out cause working with a loser like me makes even me bail out sometimes! Suprisingly no one did?! Everyone remained equally enthusiastic though I have to admit I went all out slave-driver and drove a few people to the bone, for which I sincerely apologize but then I can’t really regret it when I look at the result!! TEEHEE ^p^ I’ll probably get killed in my sleep sooner or later.

I have learned from this that asking directly and maybe getting rejected is way better than never asking at all!! (we learn things here!)
Also being pushy is annoying but sometimes you need to become the annoying one for the sake of what you want.
Like they say in Belgium “For nothing the sun rises”, basically nothing is for free except for the sunrise, everything else requires effort.
I sure got what I wanted and more!!


RAP 1 Nobunaga ft. Anba:
Ride the flow just knock down, all bound,
gotta Steal the show and feel the beat now.
Everything just spins my head round
Flashing lights, blindly, lost in our sound




such frustration,

an addiction?


Take my hand and let’s…DANCE

Rap 2 Anba ft. Nobunaga:
Never thought I could feel the way I do, wanna take all of their eyes away from you.
Line up when we’re passing through, DJ our jam, on the beat of two

What’s wrong?

Be strong! Nothing else matters!!

Game of ding dong!

Who’s there?

Your worst nightmare,
Nobunaga, Anba, make you all stare

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