Ready for something else creative?: “Ay KurAnba”

And now for something slightly less singing related…
Kura and I have started a weekly webcomic series that comes out every saturday and can be followed here:


■Art: @Kuraiinu
■Story: @Anba_LenU2B

The series is called “Ay KurAnba” and is basically about the adventures 2D Anba and Kura get themselves into as they try to live their lives as respectable breathing organisms. It’s a harsh world out there, let’s hope our two heroes don’t get into too much trouble…

The series is meant to be read in a laid back manner to spice up your saturdays!! Nothing too crazy for now.
In between we might be posting other Ay KurAnba related stuff as well so don’t get surprised when our account randomly gets active!
We’ve also provided a hashtag #AyKurAnba to keep things a little organised.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!!!

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