It’s been awhile, how is everyone doing?

Hello, hello,

How is everyone doing? Long time no see, huh.
I hope you are all in good health and spirit because our next ride just arrived, it’s 2015, ladies and gentlemen the train of the year 2015 has arrived. Welcome aboard. Was the ride of 2014 a good one? Ah bumpy ride? Yes, yes, I’ve felt a few bumps as well, in fact my bum hurts a little but hey the bumps make the ride exciting, right? Sir, hold on, please mind the gap when you step in, thank you. I hope everyone managed to get on?! Hm? Yes there’s wifi on this train, do not worry. Everyone in?


I wish you all a great ride in good health with lots of opportunities and things to enjoy!! Off we go, CHOO CHOO!!!

There it has left.

The train of 2015 has left and I’m a little late but I’d like to wish you all a happy new year. How has your year been? Did you make any cool resolutions for this year? Any goals you set for yourself? Perhaps you’ve reached a goal in 2014 and you’re going to take it slow for 2015, in which case tea is at order. Tea would be nice…

I haven’t been writing as much lately. I’d first like to apologise for that.
The reason for this would be because it has been a little bit quiet on my side.  I’ve been taking a good rest from more intensive online activities because school has been somewhat intense this year. In a way I’m glad it was, I’ve met many new people and learned new things. This doesn’t mean that I just sat on my bum the entire time, fear not.

There is “stuff” on the way but it’ll take a little time as I’m a firm believer of quality over quanity.
The tracks, however, have been laid.

Some extracts from our program this year:

I have laid out a few traps for everyone, by which I mean that a few collaborations and solo projects are coming up. Of course Croɴest will do their best this year again to provide you with some awesome content so I hope you’ll all be looking forward to that! What else is on the menu? Oh yeah, there are a few projects I’m planning to organise that are not related to singing but still a lot of fun I reckon. I hope to entertain you with these somewhat side-tracked creative spats. Singing is all fun and stuff but I believe that there is so much more we can create and I’m ready to explore the different maps this online world we’re living in is offering us. Cautiously but bravely. Let’s conquer new terrain! You’re free to join me on this exploration or guard the castle as I’m on my way to bring new video’s and other content.

Talking about video’s, there is this small thing I’ve uploaded recently. It’s one of those shorter meme-like video’s that has been going around on Nico but I like it a lot cause it’s so positive and bright. I hope that you’ll get as happy listening to it as I got singing it!!

I think that’s about all I have to say for now. Not super-brain-whooping-flip-your-shorts-upside-down exciting, huh? Almost like a filler episode of Naruto (which has ended recently, what are your thoughts on that?). I’m sorry again.

The more exciting stuff is on it’s way!!

Never hesitate to leave your thoughts about my posts in the comments here.
As to keep up with new content I suggest to follow me on places like twitter, FB or here on wordpress since the YT subscription box is as reliable as me next to a banana cake… which is… not very reliable in case you’re wondering I can’t help myself Banana Cake is crazy good. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t subscribe at all though. Subs, to me, are a good indication for how well I’m doing. To me you’re all quite important (whoah I said it, I hope this doesn’t go on national television…)


Let’s make it another great year with many bananas and crazy bouts of spazz!! Thank you for your infinite patience.
Yours sincerely,

The Banana Prince, Anba.

3 thoughts on “It’s been awhile, how is everyone doing?

    • Oh!! I might actually, I need to get the money and time for it though haha. But I’m considering it yup. Last year was a lot of fun and if my friend comes over again I’ll do my best to get there. I might be at her booth again helping her out then though. I’m also a little nervous meeting people I don’t know so I’ll think about what to do so I won’t seem too boring haha!!

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