I’ll be going to Dokomi this year!!:

Hallo, hallo, wie geht es dir? How are you doing?!
I hope you’re doing well. Time sure flies. The weather here in Belgium is getting more bearable recently, time to admire nature as it’s slowly graduating into summer. But for now, let’s not forget our jackets especially if you live in Northern Europe! “Maartse buien en Aprilse grillen” is what they say here; which means as much as March and April can’t be trusted.

Recently I’ve been doing better than ever. I’ve had more time at hand or rather I made more time, so I spent it on taking an hour or more extra everyday to walk my dog. It does make it hard to get to my online activities as I still need to squeeze in school everyday but it somehow works out and watching Miro so happy makes it all worth it!! You probably wouldn’t believe me if I said I genuinely enjoy the light exercise. My favourite moments of the day to take a walk are the early morning and early evening when it’s slightly chilly outside, I turn on my Iphone and play full cd’s and playlists. It helps me discover music I never paid much attention to before. You should definitely try it out if you have a safe area to walk and an enthusiastic companion to join you. It’s very relaxing. It’s also great training for my legs for a convention weekend in Germany!!

Which leads me to the reason for today’s post, I’ll be going to Dokomi!!

I’m very excited and will definitely take pictures and will blog to tell you about this convention and what it’s like. If possible I’d like to squeeze in some camera-moments as well, so if you happen to be there definitely allow me to take some shots with you, I’d be super-honoured!!

“So…Uh … what’s a Dokomi?” you might wonder well:

Dokomi is a convention that focuses on Asian culture held in Düsseldorf from the 23rd till the 24th of May 2015.
The day before the start of the actual convention Utaite Nano will be holding their concert there, so if you have the time and you’re a big fan definitely check that out through this link. I unfortunately won’t be able to see Nano as they will be performing when I’m still in school. For those that are able to go, I envy you and also hope you’ll have a mighty lot of fun!!

As for me, I’ll be hanging around mainly to meet up with some Northern European friends and maybe other people if I happen to meet some on my way. It’d be great to catch up and also to meet an online friend I’ve known for years for the first time face to face. I’m always a little bit nervous when meeting people. What impressions will I leave? Will they think I look weird or ugly? Will they think I’m annoying when I talk? etc… There’s a whole range of insecurities to deal with but under all that I also have a grounded trust in the friends I’ve made over the years so I’m positive it will all work out and it will become a great memory to share on the cyberspace with everyone!! (If not I’ll come here to complain my socks out) Who knows, perhaps I might meet some new friends?

…I should probably brush up on my non-existant German skills… Eins, Zwei, Polizei…?


Vielen dank für’s Zuhören und bis zum nächsten Mal!!


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