Anba in Italy: Sermione – adventures around Lake Garda – part 1

🍝〜Buonasera, come esta? 〜🍝


Wine, tomatoes, coffee, ice-cream, pizza, pasta, fish, art, music, temperament, Hetalia and passion.
If you had to make an educated guess, where do you think your royal greatness is at right now?

Did you guess Italy?


Bingo, esatto!!ゔぇ〜♪

I’m currently staying in a place called Sermione in Northern Italy with my family.
We’ve hired an appartment and are enjoying a relaxing stay here until the 28th of this month.
We don’t have an actual schedule but we did decide we would head for Verona tomorrow. We have also beforehand bought tickets for the World Expo in Milan on thursday which is about the only thing we’ve properly planned for this trip. The idea is to let things come and so far it is working out nicely! I have actually been to Verona before when I was really young so I’m very curious as to how accurate my memory is doing justice to the city of our fictional star cross’d lovers. I remember I was mighty disappointed with Juliette’s house. The movie with Leonardo di Caprio made it seem way bigger. This time however, we’re probably going to spend more time admiring the architecture and history of the city instead. I’m looking forward to that!
The World Expo is also something I’m very much looking forward to. I wonder what that is all about, I didn’t look it all up in detail yet, but I do have somewhat of an idea. I hope to learn  a lot from the visit.

So far I’ve been enjoying myself, spending my time on jogging, exploring, reading, studying, napping, listening to music and eating good food. A vacation like this is just what I needed to get rid of the lingering stress I’ve been feeling and to resolve stress-related health issues. Go my body, heal thyself with the power of leisure and good rest!!

The weather in Italy has been pretty hot, about 37 degrees celsius, as expected of the South of Europe!! Mercilessly scorching your Northern-brethern.
Your royal highness has been in an awkward state where he’s not yet melting but doesn’t
feel entirely solid either. Jogs are therefor restricted to early mornings and fresh evenings
when the sun hasn’t baked the earth yet and the air is still clean and cool. I’ve also noticed
that the air here tastes differently due to the proximity of the lake. I would have never
thought that air could have a taste, but there you go it does and it tastes nice so that’s
bonus points for Lake Garda!! Tasty air. GG!

 During the day I spend my time on exploring the area and splashing around in the water.

Fun games I came up with for when you’re near water:

  • Jumping waves. Stand somewhere in the water until it reaches your shins and then jump the waves that roll into you.Try to get as many combo’s as you can.
  • When I go out swimming I like to dive for things like rocks and the like that I throw in somewhere and then try to find as fast as possible.
  • Touch the bottom of the pool with your hand. A more difficult version is to touch it with your nose.
  • Doing funny Avatar inspired water-bender movements or DBZ attacks. KAMEHAMEHAAAAaaa!!!
  • doing exercises like jumping jacks in the water.
  • Pretend I’m a Free! character and do the Haru hair-swish when leaving the pool.
  • If you have a inflateable ball then play with that!
  • Any tool that floats I play pirate or I reinact that scene from the titanic (both roles).
  • Dance in the water. Ever seen high school musical 2? I like to do the “bet on it” dance moves in the water. Maximum effect with high splashing!
  • When I was a kid I used to be really into the NatGeo series “walking with dinosaurs” so I’d sometimes pretend I was a plesiosaurus hunting or I’d pretend I was a shark or something and narrate my own adventure.

Other useful ideas at the lake/beach, by the internet:

When I get tired of that, which might take awhile as I’ve got tons of ideas to keep going, I go inside to cool off and play Zelda or read. I’ve brought with me: lots of stationary, Treasure Island, William Wordsworth: Selected poems (for english studying), the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and a few books to study Japanese with. I also brought my Haikyuu light novel to read, reread and repeat. It’s great Japanese studying material and bringing the Volley Ball boys with me makes me feel I can do anything!


I would first and foremost like to recommend the Italian coffee. I haven’t had any wine here yet so I’ll limit myself to these liquified cups of energy for now! (I’m not a huge wine-fan anyways.) The coffee here so far has been simply marvelous. I haven’t had a cup I didn’t enjoy yet. They use a “macchinetta”, or a Moka pot in english apparently, to brew their coffee here. The appartment has one and it took us awhile to figure it out. It’s been my first time brewing coffee in such a fashion. Apparently it’s very common for Italians to use a machinetta to make their “caffè di casa,” most households own one or so we’ve been told. Instead of pouring hot water over the grinded bean filled filter and letting it drip, the macchinetta has you fill the bottom kettle with water. The middle part contains the filter and the top is an empty pot. The macchinetta is put on a stove and as the bottom kettle heats up the water it generates steam that passes the filter and turns into coffee via induction as it cools off in the top part. Caffè di casa is a little stronger than your average coffee and has a warm and full taste which I much prefer compared to your average machine-brewed coffee. I find the latter to rather upset my stomach and make me feel nauseous sometimes.

When it comes to food there is so much to enjoy, Italy has a very particular and famous kitchen. There are your million types of Pasta and pizza, ciabatta bread, many sauces that make tomatoes attractive even to tomato-haters like me, etc…
I’m personally a fan of the sea-food, frutti di mare. Hmm… The consistency of the fish I’ve eaten here so far has been in that perfect sweet spot where it melts a little in your mouth but is by no means soggy and salted just the right amount for my salt-loving taste-buds. It gets costly but lobster has always been one of my favourites when it comes to Italian food, salmon carpaccio is also up in my personal top 5!!

Another great delicacy would be the cheese. They have a wide variety of cheese here and it’s definitely worth the experience to order a cheese platter and taste away! Another great way to try out the cheese is on your pasta by ordering four cheese ravioli or Tortellini or something. Meat lovers will probably love Italian cuisine as the majority of their famous dishes are meat-based. I can’t be charmed by the insides of anything that’s not fish or plant but if you’re a lover of beef and whatnot you should definitely try the meat here. Apparently it’s good.

As for dessert, I would like to recommend the Gelato or Italian Ice cream, I’m not sure what it is about the ice-cream here but it has such a soft and satisfying taste. It’s possible that the hot weather plays a role in my perception of its taste but it seems to spread differently over your tongue than Belgian ice-cream does. Temperature surely plays a role in its consistency so it might just be that after all. Anyways, if you come to Italy definitely try out the ice-cream here! They have great Tiramisu here as well and there was this chocolate cake thing that I wouldn’t mind having again… sometime soon…

Lastly for today’s post I’d like to say that I really like what Italian sounds like. The language sounds very open and it’s easy to distinguish sounds which makes it perfect for singing. It flows so nicely with the rolling r’s and the singing intonation with the temperamental jumps in between make it sound so passionate!! I don’t understand much of the radio and the tv, but it’s nonetheless pleasant to listen to. I quite like the radio voices here too, they sound so warm and friendly!

Anyways, that’s it for now. My report about Italy. I’m having fun here so far!

There will be more about this later with hopefully many nice pictures as well! This banana-lord is not very good at handling a camera so there’s a high chance of blur lines, blots, unflattering angles and generally questionable compositions.

Even so, please do look forward to it!


Edit: this was published way after it has been written.

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