It is 2016!! A new year’s message from your favourite banana-prince!

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

It has been awhile, has it not? I am very sorry for the delay between posts. I am always a little afraid to clutter this place with unnecessary content. If you do happen to be interested in my ramblings I would like to redirect you to my twitter @Anba_LenU2B, though, I must warn you… I spam… a lot… yup…Even so, It seems that 2015 has departed; we’re currently cruising on a new wave, the wave of 2016!! Did you all strap on your gear tightly? Let us make it a year worth the wait!

2015 has been a year where I have yet again been in the care of many people around me, I would first and foremost like to thank all the people that have made my 2015 a blast. From my family to my friends to my followers and supporters! Thank you so much for having me, for your patience and for your unrelenting kindness. I am not always on my best behaviour, I have times where I am a little down or I get fussy over very small matters, but you have always put me right back on my feet. Thank you so much.

  • To my older and dear friends and followers: You are the reason I am still here, sticking around and enjoying myself tremendously. You are my safe haven; you always make me feel like I can come home to this odd place called “the internet.”
  • To the new friends I have made this year and the new followers that have found this small me: Thank you so much!! I do not know how I am still relevant in any way but you make me feel I am which in turn makes me itch so much to offer you some good content worth your time. I will do my best to come up with fun ideas for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy as much as I enjoyed working on it.
  • To the people that invited me to collaborate with them: Thank you so much for thinking of me. You have offered me chances I would have never thought I would get. You made me realise I can do things which I never knew I could.Thank you for your hard work and efforts. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your dream.
  • To the people who joined me in my projects to realise my ideas: I would never have been able to do any of what I have done to this degree without your help. Thanks to you I was able to bring out content that I can be eternally proud of. You have helped me express seedlings of ideas that were only in my head, into a reality that is 1000 folds better thanks to your input. You are indispensible parts of what “Anba” and his (my?) channel are to me.
  •  To my followers, supporters, to the kind watchers that check up on me from time to time. The people that follow me actively: Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much! I find it very hard to call any of you “fans” even though some of you do not mind calling yourselves so. The reason is because I feel that what I do online is a great, joined effort. I feel that the views and comments I receive on my videos are as much part of my projects as any of the singing, animating, mixing, and such are. Your constructive critiques, your honesty, your enthusiasm and support for any silly thing I come up with are what keep me going. There would be no reason for me to place any of what I do on platforms like Nico douga and Youtube if it were not for you. I want to share all works that I am proud of. My life is definitely not all sunshine and bananas, but the parts that are, are parts I want to share with everyone.  I got amazing e-mails this year, people telling me I was worth their time, people telling me they genuinely enjoy what I do. People that remember the lyrics I wrote for certain raps or adlibs for songs and people that manage to cite them word for word. People that drew me art and covered songs for me, just to show how much they like what I do. The biggest compliments you can give me are those that show that I managed to reach someone deeply enough to inspire them to do something, with my content themselves. Thank you so much!!

2015 has made me realise again how small I really am, aside from my actual physical height, and how much I am reliant on the people around me. I used to feel a little guilty asking people to help me with my ideas but meeting the right people, people that are equally excited about the projects I propose, and meeting people that helped me through it all, made me realise it does not have to be this way. I hope to bother more people this year to bring even better content that I would have not been able to bring out by myself! I hope you will like my ideas and projects and that the people who are a part of it will feel as much fulfilment as I felt, realising these dreams of mine.

Last year has not been a very active year for me, there were many reasons for that. But I never got sick of singing and hanging around this small community we have created for ourselves. It does not always need to be a deep reason, does it? I made it a resolution to make the best of 2016. I hope you are all still awake and ready for some fun covers and whatnot to come out!! I will do my best.

I have made my list of “goals” for this year. What kind of “goals” have you set for yourselves? Definitely leave those in the commentary below. I would love to read what you all have in mind! If it does not involve hurting people then I will probably support you all the way ;’)! Hearing about people’s ambitions is an inspiring thing, definitely do not hold back!

That being said, thank you so much for another amazing year, internet! Let us make the best of 2016 and no matter what happens as long as we remember to treat others like we would like to be treated and as long as we don’t stare ourselves blind on the bad things in life, we will do just fine. I implore you to dig up all those little and big pieces of happiness you have received in 2015. Don’t erase the bad, nor the good times. Being a little idealistic from time to time does not make you naive, keep on dreaming big and shoot for wherever you wish to go. I guarantee you that trying your best will up your chances tremendously, as opposed to sitting back and doing nothing!! Hold onto those feelings and memories to crash right into 2016.

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy message, all the best to you. May you have a year filled with great opportunities,

Happy New Year!! <33

– Anba, the banana prince-

Ps: I wanted to include “many bananas to you” but then I thought maybe not everyone enjoys to eat or collect banana related articles as much as I do in which case I would like to wish you many things of whatever you really enjoy a lot of!! ;’)

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