A once in a blue moon update:

Hello internet! It has been quite awhile, hasn’t it? I keep on saying this for each update here because it keeps holding true. Sorry for the wait!! So here we are, it is 2k16, isn’t it? We are already on the second month, how is this one fairing for you? I hope fun things have happened to you. And if not, hold your socks for the rest of the year cause it might all still be coming for you!  If you’re wondering about the banana-front, we’re slowly ready to release a nice collaboration this month. I think my twitter followers, especially, will appreciate this one. The upcoming collaboration has quite some people you might have heard of before?! ;’) WINKWONKERSWANKWONK and for people that don’t follow me on twitter, you will get the chance to meet some awesome people!! Isn’t that a coold deal? I’d say YES. No is not an option, I’m afraid. As for a solo, it is all still in the make. I’m honestly a little stumped, call it a block? I keep on questioning and second guessing myself. Trying, scrapping, trying again, feeling bummed out. I receive so much love and support, I just can’t seem to come up nor make anything to make up for all of that. You’re literally too awesome for me (apparently that’s a thing this year?!). I’ll get there though, I always do!! Inspiration just needs to hit me like BAM. If anyone is interesting in helping me out on the music, art or mixing front, you’re always welcome to contact me with some samples of yours by e-mail (Anba_Len@hotmail.com)!!

Cool? Cool!

Now onto less youtube channel related news, I have recently bought a few fun steam games of which “Don’t starve” the package deal includes a multiplayer version “Don’t starve together” which I am kind of hooked on as of recent. It’s a  charming little indie-game with a Tim Burton-esque atmosphere to it. You know, that particular mash of adorable and morbid? Yes, that. It’s kind of awesome! If you’re interested in playing it with me, definitely add me on Steam!! Just ask me for my ID on twitter @Anba_LenU2B or facebook or something, I know it’s a roundabout way to add me but I’d like to know who adds me before I accept ;’).

Games aren’t the only thing I have been going on about though… I have a terrible confession to make to everyone… see, I have fallen back into that swamp called “Hetalia.” Yeah… I used to be a fan before but kept it mellow; the hardcore fans kind of creeped me out to be honest, so I enjoyed it from afar. Since the coast has become clear, I have gone back to it and I must say… I’m sinking deep… At this point I’m doing a backstroke in the swamp, enjoying myself like the piece of trash I am haha. If anyone else likes Hetalia, and then the Tomato-family in particular, hit me up because they are my weakness!! I need more Tomato-friends. It’s almost ironic that I can not eat raw tomatoes, at least I can eat them processed. Another bowl of tomato soup with bananas please!  (believe me it’s a delicacy) ❤ You’re also more than free to hit me up if you’re into Karamatsu, Ketsuekigatakun, the Rakugo anime or Boku dake ga inai machi! They are my weekly paintrip.

That was that then!! An update. I like how this has become a sort of “summary” of a lot of things you see me go on about on twitter. It’s nice to get that in one post though, right? Stay healthy, positive and busy! You’re amazing for keeping up with me like you do. See you around, hopefully very soon!! ❤

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