Unpackaging, the story of a basic-weeb

Remember those bazillion times I offhandedly mentioned that I have become more intense of a weeb? Yeah… so, I bought a figure. Yes. On the 9th of February 2k16, AnbaLen has officially bought official Anime merchandise that is not a book nor a CD.

What is worse is that it is from a 2K9/2k11 fandom; talk about prehistoric… “Which fandom?” you might ask, ever heard of… Hetalia? For as long as I remember it existing that fandom terrified me so I kept away from it for a very long time. Now that the coast seems to be clear, I feel I can share this basic-weeb side of myself with you!!(`д´#)

I ended up buying 2 figures. One from Ebay and one from a Japanese store called “Rakuten.” They are both one coin figures, the only official Hetalia figures available that don’t look like someone digested them beforehand. One coin figures are basically meant to be surprises, like game center merchandise/gacha prizes, and are aimed at collectors that can contact others to exchange them and whatnot. You could also buy one of the bigger sets they have so you are certain that your favourite is in it. The costs for one set, however, could be well over 300$. I was not THAT desperate yet. So I went for second hand figures, which just means they were bought individually and that the box has been opened to see who is in it. The one that has arrived yesterday, and that I went to pick up to bring home today, is this kid!!:

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Amateur camera-work by yours truly, yes my room is an organised mess, don’t be jealous.

This character is called Romano or South Italy Isn’t he adorable? He is supposed to be the personification of the Southern part of Italy and is one of my favourite Hetalia characters. My other favourite is bound to arrive a little later. I’m a little bummed that they never made the Benelux, a complete Tomato-set would be heaven. But hey, the show has not ended yet! I should be grateful they Überhaubt thought of Romano, seeing they only went for the regular characters.

I am always super-doubtful about buying things through the internet, so I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of Romano’s arrival. I bought him the 9th of February and he arrived here from Japan on the 16th. His shipping was free as well. Many thanks to seller Muller3373 for their reliability, generous prices and fast delivery! ❤ I spent about 24$ on him in total, which is 21.75€ at the moment. I thought that was worth it. I am not really a figure person to be honest. Never knew what I would do with it. But this one is super-cute and magnetic so I think I might have fun sticking him to random surfaces and sharing pictures of his journeys to places!! (I forgot I am an emotional s*cker when it comes to these type of things. Figures why I can’t buy too many of these, I’ll hoard and go broke)

If you are also into Hetalia, and more specifically the Tomato family, do not hesitate to come have a talk with me!! The fandom has burned out a little, which has its advantages but also its disadvantages. I Hope this was a fun read and hope you will look forward to my next update, hopefully soon, where I will introduce the guy I bought to keep this kid company!!

Ps: I will share this again adding a link to the unpackaging video when I’m done rendering it. So you might want to check the bottom of this post again later!

Edit: Here we go!! The unpackaging video



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