Buon Compleanno Lovino e Feliciano!!

A few minutes before the end of their birthday in Europe, I rushed and made this post to celebrate their birthday!! A photoshoot with the progress of Boss and Henchman’s room!! I don’t know if I already screamed here about obtaining Spain by the way? Well then… hereby you know… I also made another unboxing video, so look forward to that?

My Hetalia twitter was such a blast!! The amount of Romano and Veneciano theme’d art I have seen!! I made a lot of new friends as well. Incidentally, I have noticed a lot of accounts that are really into the Hetalia character “Belgium” started following me. It was a little weird at first but they are all super-sweet people that just really adore Belgium and I could not feel happier!!

Now in this picture you might have noticed it all looking a little empty. I’m slowly and gradully working on making it fuller and more of a room to live in for the both of them! I painted the Italian flag-poster in the back myself (A true Picasso). The room probably needs a Spanish flag later but that one is slightly more complicated so I will do that when I my brain is not sautéed… we’ll see what we can do..

It’s actually a lot of fun to busy myself with these kind of things in between all the schoolwork I have been facing recently. Just doing something with your hands and marvelling at how cute the characters are. Somehow, I feel that the trash-life is a great way for escapism. Only that I am too old to sink into the “nyan x3” depths so I do not really escape as much as use it as a sanctuary to not think about what I need to do all the time… which is… not escapism? Just blatant denial of reality for a few forgiving minutes until I use that strength to kick myself back in gear!

Anyways, here a message I wrote in my best Italian…

Il mio augurio parte dal profondo del cuore con sincerità, per arrivare a te felicità ed augurarti buon compleanno Lovino e Feliciano! 💕🇮🇹

I’m sorry, I don not have a Feliciano figure, but uh… look in the left on the box. He’s somewhat present in spirit? (Gilbert too, for some awesome reason or the other.)

See you next post, grazie e ci vediamo, arrivederci!!

Ps: don’t you just love Romano’s eternal side-eyes at Spain? Also, Spain’s arm at the right angel gives the impression that he’s making a selfie 8′)!!

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