Studying music?

A few musicians I thought I could share!! I like to listen to them anytime, but especially when I’m in a certain mood. Late evenings on my own, when I’m studying, when I’m writing, when I’m drawing,… that is to say, when I need to get into a zone where I seperate myself from my body or something vague like that. To me, listening to them can bring me into this seperate universe which calmes me down and helps me come up with ideas and to formulate my thoughts.

I left a link of one of their songs each, not necessarily the one I like best, but rather one I would like you to listen to or something… There is no particular order here either, whether I prefer listening to one over the other depends entirely on my mood. Anyways, here you go!:

  • Greyson Chance: not a big surpise here, I’ve been hovering around him ever since the paparazzi upload. Creepy? I know. But totally worth it, he keeps growing and developing his music. His current style is completely in synch with the kind of music I can’t get enough of these days. He’s brilliant.
  • In the same line Troye Sivan: I knew him as a vlogger when he suddenly decided to show up up with his song “Happy little pill” followed by and album and the “Blue neighbourhood” series which smashed me right in the inspiration. His lyrics make for nice poetry and his voice… God his voice!
  • Melanie Martinez: Sweetness and creepy in one? Here she is! Her singing style is so very distinct and her songs tell stories. Need I say more? Her stories remind me somewhat of Momo’s style (Project-Mili) of writing sweet, almost fairy tale like, stories with a dark twist to them, so there is no way I could not like her her, right? The flow of the melodies she sings have a particular lulling effect that make you enter a different zone from say Greyson or Troye’s kind of heavier, music. Troye’s music is like being under water looking up to the surface, the sun and the waves. Greyson’s would be being outside in the cold, near a highway under the streetlights with your breath showing up in white clouds and Melanie music is like being at a candy store with bad hygiene, where the sweet smell of various candy lures you in until it assaults you and you feel like vomitting rainbows. When the mood is right I just want to flow on her falling melodies, her syrupy voice and crash with her!
  • Miley Cyrus: Surpise? Though her own music is hit and miss for me, mostly miss, I am obsessed with the texture and timbre of her voice!! Initially, I didn’t like the nasal sound much, but combined with that power from the pit of her stomach and that raw sound from the back of her throat it is addicting to listen to. Her backyard sessions and the covers she does on radio-shows give me life! Her rendition of Summertime sadness has been looped grey by yours truly. I also recommend her cover of “Why’d you only call me when you’re high” and her duet with Ariana Grande “Don’t dream it’s over.” I am honestly not a big Ariana fan as her voice is kind of boring to me, but that flat texture with Miley’s raw one made for a very pleasing duet to listen to!!
  • Hayley Williams/Paramore: Some sugary teen-rock and why f*cking not? Her vocals are incredible!! She has personality and if you don’t feel like having to decipher or interpret songs too much her lyrics are nice and to the point. More often than not, very cliché even, but seriously, who cares? Catchy, fun and powerful! Jumping around makes for good exercise!
  • Arctic Monkeys: I never really stopped listening to them as most people following me on twitter can probably attest… haha… I have literally nothing more to say before I’d say way too much for it to be anything substantial at all! Their music helped me through very rough times. Even now I come back to their stuff to inhale their particular sound that reeks of cigarettes, alcohol, dirty bars and streets and lone days in a run down apartment with only yourself, your guitar, a history of broken hearts and a bottle of Jack Daniels for company. When you are said and need to feel understood or need to feel a certain atmosphere for comfort, their stuff can really bring you from happy highs to deep, raw and emotional sober moments. Alex Turner’s lyrics are true poetry.
  • Tourist Lemc: My Belgian obsession!! Singing in the local dialect of the Antwerp region about things that speak to Belgians and other West-Europeans especially. Very down to earth music, it inspires me so much. His attitude and brilliance are apparent in every song he comes up with and each performance he gives. I want to see him live so badly. He has an amazingly keen awareness of himself as a person, who he is as an artists, how those two are seperate beings but also come together and what message he wants to bring in his lyrics and music. I respect him enormously and wish him and his music would be recognised more widely!!
  • Mika: A little odd one in this list perhaps, seeing as most of the music here is of the heavy high kind. Mika’s songs make me feel so happy and like I’m on clouds! It’s great to listen to when you’re commuting to somewhere. It makes the world that much more colourful! His songs also contain interesting stories from a different realm and are real mood setters for if you’re too deep in the zone and need to resurface and breath a little!! Too much zone can kill your creativity as much as it build it. You need balance!
  • Regina Spektor: She tells surrealistic stories with her lyrics and plays so much with her voice, I can’t not love her! She has a happy-in-the-rain-aspect to her songs. I like listening to her on the bus and at home, when I’m doing anything really! She has that fragile feeling to her voice that makes me want to sip water!! Healthy if nothing else haha!

There are a whole lot more, but these are the first few that popped up in a snap. What do you think? Agree with my list or think it’s rubbish? Any suggestions for artists I can listen to during studying or maybe as a cooldown after an intense session? There are many more but I would have to sit down and write down a real list and… yeah… anyways.

Let’s talk music! I am practically parched here!!! ❤



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