Free talk: Trivial things I am troubled by

Hello!! It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I realised I haven’t been very nice to this blog in the least. If this blog were a pet it would have been very lonely and I feel kind of sorry for it… the thing is that everytime I sit in front of my keyboard to write something down I feel like I am saying things no one is waiting for. “These kind of things are more of a twitter-thing, aren’t they?” I end up feeling insecure and then delete my draft. This has happened several times already, until something inside of me started to yell that I should get a grip,

so here we are!!

The topic of today would be “trivial things I am troubled by.”

I think all of us experience these trivial things in life that end up troubling you somewhat. I’m sorry, I’m not being very clear about it, so I will just provide a concrete example:

Trivial trouble 1

When I am watching an anime I can suddenly feel the immense urge to watch one of my favourite Japanese stand up comedian pairs do some sketches or talks, so I pause the anime I am watching and watch one of their shows. Whilst I am watching a show, however, I suddenly feel really curious about the developments in the anime episode I abandoned… in fact, it could be said that the continuation of the story is on my mind the entire time but my urge to watch a comedy video overtakes that curiosity for the time being, so I endure my curiosity for the sake of my urges. This gets on my nerves after awhile so I naturally go back to the anime episode I was watching which then gets interupted by another comedy-urge.

As you can guess, this goes on and off with in between some Nico douga-live streams of my favourite live-streamers and maybe some recordings of radio-shows with Minagawa Junko in them. Recently she is in this show called “Super Lovers” so she is back to having a regular radio show hosted with her co-actors in the series…anyways…

what I am trying to say is that, this is something that is honestly troubling me quite a bit. I feel I might be someone that is very true to their desires…but I am also very insecure about choosing what to spend my time on, so it is hard for me to focus on one thing. It always feels like I am wasting time and am scared I will regret it, so I go back and forth a lot.

Does anyone else experience the same troubles? Does anyone have any advice for how they overcome these kind of trivial troubles?

Definitely leave a comment to tell me what you think and maybe some advice!

Thank you and see you later!

3 thoughts on “Free talk: Trivial things I am troubled by

  1. I’m eager for seeing your posts though! It really helps people go through the day! I’m actually going through the same stuff too;; Though if you think about everything as worth doing then I don’t think you’re wasting time at all! Besides, if watching owarai makes you happy that’s satisfying in itself I think. You can just watch a recording of the anime afterwards, yes? This is all my personal opinion though;; Just.. Carpe diem!

    • Oh man, that’s such a nice thing to say!! I never really thought it could have that effect on people, but I guess just talking and sharing things with each other can relief some stress! I’m glad I’m not the only one that enjoys these kind of mild talks haha.

      That’s so true!! I can always come back to either haha. I actually feel the same thing when I should be going to bed you know, that feeling you’re wasting time sleeping or something, though sleep is so important, I can certainly attest to that! Without a proper amount of sleep I’m a wreck haha. What kind of stuff do you like to watch? Any anime you’re into lately? I’m all up in the Boku no hero Academia hype, it’s such a positive and inspiring anime haha!

      • Yes! It’s totally inspiring especially when certain people say it! The power of words is just amazing. Also yeah, eight hours on the bed can be spent on more productive things but sadly, our bodies need them energy! 😛
        Anything lively and upbeat is my kind of anime! It’s not necessarily new but I love TeniPuri! It kinda helped me find your channel lol.

        As for Boku no Hero I haven’t watched it yet;; But with people comparing it to Naruto, along with the awesome character designs, art style, I’m really keen on watching it now!

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