I fell in love in Italy

I fell in love in Italy, for a split second
I fell in love with a girl on a bike.
Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that
I fell in love with a girl and her bike.
Maybe if she were to get off to greet me,
I would fall out of love before realising, I was ever in love at all
This probably means I didn't fall from a great distance,
it was so quick it had no time to resonate, I did not feel any pain, 
no heart wrenching dismay, no pages worth a novel.
She passed me like a gentle breeze, 
as I looked up from my propped up knees
waking me from my musings, albeit somewhat confusing, knew I had fallen, 
nigh missed the sensation

Nonetheless, a small part of myself is now
trudging uphill somewhere,
in Bassano Italy, manoeuvring themselves through cramped streets
to go home (?)

Pretty thing and her bike, they'll never know
what I lost to them, like a reverse robbery, both parties victims of this 
accidental crime
Maybe I'll forget, about my piece of heart by tomorrow
I wonder if that would be considered tragic

Unsupervised tree,

Cat in a box


I concluded that, this is perhaps how humans slowly
find themselves in debt with life
We fall small distances, commit accidental crimes; ever so often 
we lose some heart.
Until the pay is too high and we run out of breath, 
chasing bikes and fluttering hair in daydreams

I somehow like to think of dying that way
A lifetime of unconscious, generous loving,
Until there is no more love to give away

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