European Youth:

European Youth is neither glamorous nor contagious
A casual, humble passing, uneventful, hesitant
Thrill sought in fool's errands, sauntering through old cobbled streets; 
watching our feet, be careful, don't trip

Dreaming of anywhere else, but the bottom of this deep blue,
Where waves can't be felt

European Youth dreams, turns into itself, folds over and over again
Ambition hiding from scrutiny, behind a semblance of pensive maturity

Sarcasm cloaks, 
All put into perspective

European Youth wants nothing more but to escape
To a far off place, where borders don't matter, 
where magic lives and breathes

European Youth, is busy licking the wounds of the previous generation,
as they watch in admiration, how overseas, peers seem to recklessly
Break the surface of the ocean, again and again

European Youth seeks the sun,
European Youth is too afraid of sunburn,
Awfully afraid, awfully inspired, sleeping cubs of lions

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