New work: ワンルーム・オール・ザット・ジャズ/One Room, All that Jazz!!

YAaoo, it has been quite awhile again!! How are you all holding up over there?
School has started again and whilst that isn’t the most fun news for everyone, it’s a great time to get yourself back into a schedule for normal human beings!!
Zombie-mode is fun for awhile, but terrible on your health and mood… take care people!

That being said…

!!I have uploaded a solo-cover!!

Took me 4 months to sort myself out, but here we are!!
This time I sang an older song by producer Dateken called “One room, All that Jazz.”

This song holds quite some meaning which we will get to!! STORY TIME: I was actually completely down in the dumps this friday. Very under the weather. I didn’t feel that great and decided to do a livestream to get myself sorted and express whatever I was dealing with. It ended up inspiring me to do better and to rediscover why I am even doing all these cover-like things. If you don’t have a higher-meaning or some kind of goal for things that require some effort, it gets old pretty fast…

During this livestream we talked about many topics involving school, life and whatnot. It made me think about a why I didn’t enjoy uploading anymore.

Summarised, I felt that what I did lacked meaning. I wasn’t adequate enough and didn’t like where the community was heading…

I sorted things out though, I revisted old stuff and found my motivation again! The reason I’m doing this is mainly for myself but ALSO for you. Now, sentimental flattery aside, remember when I talked about a “higher meaning” in the above paragraph? I won’t say that what I upload will change anyone’s lives or gets you Jesus’autograph, BUT some people genuinely enjoy what I do?? I know, it’s crazy!!

When I receive comments I keep being in awe about the idea that someone in an entirely different part of the WORLD has been watching my stuff and felt good doing so. If that’s the kind of effect I can have on people then there IS a meaning to what I do!! If I inspire even ONE person to try something creative themselves or cheer even ONE person up then that’s a feat I can be very proud of. I know people like to stress “do this and that for yourself,” which is true. First and foremost, do it for YOU. But I believe REAL fulfilment comes from doing things you can share and that have an effect on the people you share them with.

Over the years I have received tons of suppor time and time again. People telling me my videos and tweets gave them the courage to try out new things, and whenever I think of that I feel like I’m doing something pretty cool!!

“One room, All that Jazz” represents the fun side of creating. We’re here firstly to enjoy ourselves. This is our time and our space. We do stuff and have fun with it and it might not be perfect from the get-go, but that’s not what it’s about. Having goals and ambitions is important, but it is also important to take things a step at a time and create a space for yourself to breath and enjoy things.

Therefore I did a few things I’m normally a little shy about. I tried to make a fun video with the little means I have (Imovie and a paint-like program) and tried to add a little story to my upload for fun!! Those are things I used to do in bulk back when I first started (kagarirulezz, anyone?) and didn’t have a concept of what is really ‘good’ or ‘bad’ stuff. I just did what sounded right and fun to me. Over the years I have been confronted with people much more talented than myself and felt inadequate and oftentimes envious. Not a pretty emotion, but not completely ‘bad’ either. Use that envy, sense of competiveness and wish to improve to practice and get better!! No need to paralyse yourself over things that need time and exploring!! I’m sh*t at Jazz, but I won’t get any better holding it off because people might say “Your singing doesn’t suit jazz…” well then I’ll damn well sing SO MUCH JAZZ until it DOES suit jazz!!

Anyways, let’s wrap this post up with my personal translations of the song and the upload!! Don’t forget to share, like, comment, all those youtubey things if you enjoyed it, those really lift me up all the way over here in Belgium, just as I hope that my little projects lift you up!!

Now, without further ado, “One room, All that Jazz.【@アンバ】”:



Starting this showtime on my own

A partition just to please myself

This moment is something no one can walk into

A piece of time just for myself


There is no director in sight,

a session to my own liking

I won’t allow intrusion

Everything is all up to me


A worn out keyboard

a hot cup of coffee

My machine in top gear

I don’t need nothing more than this


Collect, connect, and deck

out this space with nothing but my favourite things

Tonight, from this tiny room over here

I will present to you

“One room, all that jazz!”


Midnight has sprung to life

A post-approved type of passion

The adlibs in that space

come to my mind quite naturally


A self explanatory section

that has started to spin and race

no time to take a break

we can always edit another time


An over-used keyword

Lyrics that lack cool vocabulary

Vocals that go off time and pitch

There is no need for pride!


All the off parts are just off about me

Take some of this, some of that, put them together and see

Tie a pretty ribon around it, everything makes sense

Tonight, I will be presenting to you

“One room, all that jazz!”


A worn out keyboard

a hot cup of coffee

My machine is buzzing faster than ever

There is nothing more I need


Collect, connect, and deck

out this space with nothing but my favourite things

Tonight, from this tiny room over here

I will present to you


All the off parts are just off about me

Take some of this, some of that, put them together and see

Tie a pretty ribon, now it all makes sense

Tonight, all the way to you,

Faster than anyone else,

So proud to present to you:


“One room, all that jazz!”


One thought on “New work: ワンルーム・オール・ザット・ジャズ/One Room, All that Jazz!!

  1. Comment タイム~!
    Talking about the zombie-mode lifestyle, & I know this must be too quirky for most ppl but, have you ever heard of polyphasic sleep? I tried it once. I didn’t rly like it. Although I think you could get it to work, volgens mij it’s not worth the opportunity cost. Unless you’re like into international business or something. Curse the timezone gods.
    Engaging goals surely lead to motivation but I think a problem thereby arisen is concerning more with the acquisition or designation of those goals. Parallel to this idea, what is your Meinung on the origin of goals? Are they acquired, designated, or other?
    I’d exemplify ‘designated’ like someone suddenly saying “My new goal is to~ [choose@random(new)] learn to cellphone type with just my left thumb!” (or iets anders). Can that actually arrive to motivation? I’d exemplify ‘acquired’ like someone really liking to read and thence saying “Let’s read two new authors each month!” Is that motivation-driven or motivation seeking?
    Now that I’ve written about it & had to put order inside my head, I think the main thing that makes me wonder is how motivation works up & down a chain of goals. What I mean by chain of goals is like: …≫ & so I want to study this vocabulary sheet ≫ because I want to learn [insert whatever language here] ≫ because I want to get that C2 language certificate ≫ because I want to go to apply to an internship there ≫ because I want to learn something abroad ≫ because I want to live in another culture ≫ because… etc.
    Because, in my experience, goals very deep into a chain seem quite far away & motivate less because they feel difficult to achieve; but also very superficial ones seem so trivial that one may have trouble finding motivation in them as well.
    Ok now I finished one thread of my thoughts & I’m completely lost. Let’s just change topic.

    Umm actually I’m really lost now, and my head hurts a bit. Anywayz, I really loved that intro of yours (referred video). You must be a fun person to hang around when you’re in the mood. Kudos on the great vids~

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