One room, All that Jazz: The horrendous dewldedawdles

Oh, I forgot to throw the drawings I did for this cover up, not that anyone has been specifically waiting for those, but it could be cool reference to look back to provided I do improve a little over time of course /sweats/ if not it’s a good indicator to remind myself I can at least doodle something else than a potato from time to time! ;’)

Since my video editing software is literally an outdated version of Imovie, of which I don’t know how it properly works, I had to redraw a whole lot to get it to work a little. But it was fun nonetheless!!

Here we go:

2 thoughts on “One room, All that Jazz: The horrendous dewldedawdles

  1. I liked the idea of the fuming cup, but I was thrown off a bit by the references to like space stuff? Is there a meaning to it?

    • I have another post up that actually translates the lyrics of the cover I did, also if you turn on captions in the video related to this post, and it talks about how you have this room, decked out with your favourite stuff and how you have this moment and space all for yourself to enjoy and create without restraint!

      For myself, I had a few items that represented constants in my life that I have and still enjoy time and time again. Space items represent my curiosity and wonder about the world, this universe and the creatures and things in it! Books represent my love for reading, studying understanding, the microphone for singing, communicating and being verbal. The cup of tea and glass of beer stand for 2 of my best friends but also represent my love for my other friends and then there is my dog, Pepper and a cat that represents all 3 cats in my house and my love and concern for animals. I guess also a little how my personality can be both dog-like and a little cat-like at times!! In the middle is my persona enjoying himself as the type of person I would love to be someday! Bright, understanding, kind, curious and always improving!! The tennis ball for prince of tennis and outdoor stuff I like to do! The little Hetalia blob for my love of languages, cultures and also because Romano reminds me a little of myself at times!! ;’)

      The fuming cup references back to the “jazzy” theme, the original video and well, I just like coffee, tea and the like. The fume could represent an alternate world where I get into, to charge myself and to enjoy myself! The crazy flowery patterns stand for all my dreams haha.

      I did think it all through, but as I went and created I felt more meaning flow into it as to why I specifically started drawing a certain symbol or thought of adding one!

      Sorry for the word-purge, but yup. That’s it! What about you? If you could symbolise your favourite stuff in a handful of items, how would you draw them and what would they be about?

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