Header blog: Lulu

Name: アンバ/Anba

Birthday: 10th of December

Age: 2012 years old

Occupation: Cover artist (歌い手), Banana Royalty, Language Geek

Country: Belgium

Languages: Dutch/English/Japanese/French/German

Bloodtype: O+

Height: +/- 150cm’s

Enneagram: 4w5

Myers Briggs: ENFP-T

Find me: https://anbalen0.wordpress.com/links/

I'm mainly active on Nico douga and on Youtube.

I’m Anba, someone that is somewhat human-like but not so much.
This world’s one and only Banana Prince that also sings on the internet.
Delighted to make your acquaintance.



By http://luluseason.deviantart.com/

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