If you want to contact me regarding projects you’d like to do together it’s best to do this through YT-pm or E-mail since there’s a bigger chance I’ll see your invitation timely and I’ll have time to respond to it after properly considering your offer.


So please refrain from using public platforms like twitter, facebook,, livestreams,etc…
…Unless you have my Skype or we’re following eachother on twitter in which case you could just DM me there ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Hey Anba! How is the amazing banana prince doing? (・∀・) Soo we are a sibling duo who are all new to this YT community with Youtaites n stuff and started a channel with exactly one video (ofc we gonna continue we just need a lil more time, i swear). Yeah… SO WE would really love to a collab with you someday (some time when we improve (;;) ) bc we are big fans of yours and praise your voice , we love it so never stop the music and singing ye!! But before we can improve and continue and maybe someday will be able to collab with you. Like you know some people who mix for free or like as a hobby or something cuz we are desperately LIKE RLLY desperately trying to find a good mixer for us girls… Like we already did a thing on twitter mix_a_song even looked through but nothing? Any advice to find someone or recommendations who we might could ask?
    We would really appreciate it due to the fact that we wanna sing with you some day!

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