(๑╹ڡ╹)╭ Regarding singing collaborations:
  1. There is never harm in asking me for something. If the project sounds super-exciting even my inborn apprehension towards bling-bling new people can melt away so you can always ask, don’t worry !!!ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  2. Inviting me by no means indicates that you have also secured any of my friends.
    My friends are their own person and are not to be invited through me/by mentioning my name unless I personally approve of this or come up with the initiative myself (‘ω’乂) .
  3. Do not invite me if you just want to invite someone else but don’t know how to ask them and you hope if I’m there that they’ll join (‘ω’乂) .
  4. If you organise a chorus/duet or anything I expect you to arrange for everything involved yourself. Mixers, artists, animators and deadlines are not my responsibility. If you want me to help please notify me beforehand so I can consider your offer properly. Do not invite me and expect me to arrange for them!
  5. Do not invite me on public platforms like twitter, Facebook, and/or my live-streams. You can notify me about it but don’t expect me to decide then and there. If you want to invite me I’d prefer you used one of my contact-adresses. If not, don’t be surprised if it gets ignored_(:з ゝ∠)_.
  6. If a project has died for longer than a month and suddenly restarts please notify me. Do not upload a project with vocals of mine older than a month (counting from the deadline) without my knowledge. I want to have the chance to redo my lines or cancel my participation.
  7. Please communicate!! If you’re dissatisfied with the way I did something or if you expected something else then don’t hesitate to tell me!! Once I accept a project I want to do my best to make it something cool. I don’t mind redo’ing and talking about it!!
  8. Share opinions and ideas with me. Encouraging projects are the best and most exciting!! Adlibs, harmonies, VA’ing etc… Even if it sounds rather silly if you think it’d be fun never hesitate!! It could be the best thing ever haha!!

I listed these as to ensure that there will be as little miscommunication as possible. Some stuff listed might sound somewhat obnoxious and you’re probably thinking “Who do you even think you are?” but I am positive that the majority can be considered “common sense”.

Yo ᕦ(òωóˇ)ᕤ got it? Awesome !!!

(ノ)`ω´(ヾ) Things I promise you:
  • Unless unforeseen circumstances come into play I shall do my best to deliver my lines within the deadline we’ve both agreed on.
  • I’ll do my best to communicate as much as I can if something’s up/something’s unclear to me.
  • I’ll be open to suggestions as stated before!!
  • I can only learn from working with you so don’t hesitate to talk to me about what I’ve delivered!!!

All these things listed aren’t supposed to be followed line by line exactly, this is not the constitution (God bless)! They’re agreements and since they’re written down now it’s all hopefully more clear. I hope for an understanding and fun environment when collaborating!!

I’d love to hear from you and see what fun and exciting things you came up with!!!

✧\\ ٩( ‘ω’ )و //✧ let’s make cool stuff together!!!

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