One room, All that Jazz: The horrendous dewldedawdles

Oh, I forgot to throw the drawings I did for this cover up, not that anyone has been specifically waiting for those, but it could be cool reference to look back to provided I do improve a little over time of course /sweats/ if not it’s a good indicator to remind myself I can at least doodle something else than a potato from time to time! ;’)

Since my video editing software is literally an outdated version of Imovie, of which I don’t know how it properly works, I had to redraw a whole lot to get it to work a little. But it was fun nonetheless!!

Here we go:


IT’S OVER 9000 !!!

IT'S OVER 9000 !!!

I’ve always kept my sub-count on private because I figured that shouldn’t be anything anyone should be concerned over except for me as an indicator to how I’m doing. But recently I’ve accidentally put them on public cause I’m stupid and then noticed the number.

Jesus Christ guys, OVER 9000??? REALLY??


I really didn’t think I’d ever get that far when I started out but seeing this I’m more than determined to go further!!!
It might be pure arrogance from my side but I have this feeling that I can!! This has definitely fueled my motivation and ambitions.
I’ll do my best so I’m deserving of this support!! Thank you so much!!
It’s really all thanks to you (not to be a cheesy asskisser here). It reallly reminds me this is not something I’m just doing on my own!!
I’ll see what I can do in celebration of this number, I’m really excited thank you so much!!

Please look forward to it!!